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Frequently Asked Questions [Jul. 18th, 2008|10:57 pm]

To answer any questions you might have, we give you:

The Mystery of Sarah_Belle_17
Things That May Become Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

What is sarah_belle_17/sarahismissing? "The Mystery of Sarah_Belle_17" is an online mystery story, told through the blogs of fictional characters.

What's it about? The story is centered around LJ user sarah_belle_17, and her four friends. It begins on August 1st, 2008, two days after she disappears.

So it's not real? Nope. Completely fictional.

So who are you? I am the Moderator. Think of me as your tour guide, who pops in from time to time to keep things running smoothly.

Okay, but really- who are you? This account is maintained by the story's four writers. We've decided, for privacy, and safety reasons, to keep our identities secret for the time being, and we ask that you please respect that.

So you really want us to believe that- Yes. In fact, we'll probably ask you to suspend belief a few times.

You guys aren't professionals, are you? One day, hopefully. At the moment, no.

How do I know what's part of the story and what's not? Anything posted by me is "out of character." Everything posted by the characters is part of the story.

Friending, Posting and Commenting

Why can't I join the community? Membership and posting priviliges in the community are limited to the main characters and the Moderator. This is so it's easy to follow along, both in the community and the community's friends page. Same thing with the Moderator account.

But I can friend the characters. Yeah. Makes sense, right?

Where can I comment? Anywhere. Just remember to use basic courtesy when doing so.


What if I have a problem with another commenter? Try to resolve it as maturely and calmly as possible. If that doesn't work, let me know. I'll step in if needed.

What if I have a problem with you? Let me know. I'm a big girl. I can handle it.

What if I have a problem with something in the story? Let us know. Our intent is not to offend anybody.

Other Stuff You Might Want to Know

What's with you guys and Veronica Mars/Doctor Who? We're fans. That's all.

Aren't you guys just trying to rip off Lonelygirl15? Yes and no. The concept was inspired by LG15, but the story is entirely our own, and we're not trying to infringe on them in any way.
We are also not affliated with them in any way.

Seriously, how much are you guys making off this? Nothing. Trust me, if we were, we'd have a lot more userpics.

How do we know this isn't just some viral marketing thing? Well...you don't. But seriously, could they come up with something this lame awesome?

What can I do to help? Read, comment and tell your friends. You can also take a promo banner to put in your journal! (When we get them up, that is.)

How can I contact you? Just leave a comment replying to anything I post.
Do not try to contact teh_moderator through character LJs. They will be ignored.

You guys have no lives, do you? Not true. Among the four of us, we have approximately one and a half. ;-)


What are the canon LJs in sarahismissing?
Main community: sarahismissing
Sarah: sarah_belle_17
Anne: anne_ofsydney
Hallie: hallie_phoenix
Lyrra: lady_stryker
Natalya: fashion_gypsy
Conner Technologies: connertech

If you have any more questions, please comment or message me.

Remember, the mystery begins August 1st!

Behave yourselves,
Miss Moderator